Male erotic massage in Ottawa

rubscaleMale erotic massage can be a little slice of heaven. It’s a way to relax into your body, to feel the touch of another man and to sink deeply into your inner feelings and desires.

Owning our bodies, including our erotic energy, can be a challenge for men.  Sometimes we’re too busy, sometimes we are focused on perceived physical imperfections, sometimes we are haunted by shame, uncertainty or fear.  Erotic massage provides a safe time and space within which to sink deeply into that sweet, strong, irresistible energy.

The pages of this website describe various aspects of erotic massage.  Check them out, see if there is something that sparks a thought or feeling inside you.  You can send a detailed appointment request by clicking on “Contact”, or simply e-mail me at to set up a one-on-one massage appointment. Please note that I do NOT offer therapeutic deep-tissue massage; erotic bodywork is focused on bringing sensation to your skin and slowly raising the erotic energy in your body.

Bi-curious?  Never done this before?  Big-sized guy?  Nervous / curious?

You’ve come to the right place!